Day 04 – Favourite book of your favourite series

Okay, so favourite book from Harry Potter? That would have to be The Goblet of Fire.

Why is it my favourite? To answer that question I have to give you a short background of how I read the Harry Potter series.

I came into contact with Harry Potter when it first became popular. I borrowed a book that introduced popular and award-winning books by including excerpts of the books themselves. And it contained Harry Potter. At the time, Harry Potter was just gaining recognition and even my dad was asking why I didn’t read it. But I refused, claiming it wasn’t my type of book. Besides I didn’t like reading books that the masses consider popular (so elitist, I know.) But eventually I received the third book – Prisoner of Azkaban for my birthday from a friend. And when you receive a book, you are more likely to read it. And read it I did. And of course, the rest is history. I read the first two books in quick succession after that, albeit in the reverse order. And then I waited for the 4th book to come out.

It was huge when it came out! Not only was it so much thicker than the previous books, but by this time it was also ridiculously popular. Luckily a friend lent it to me and I read if, at every possible moment. I remember sneaking into the guest room of my house and shutting the door and turning on the bed side lamp to read this book. Hoping my mother wouldn’t find me up past my bedtime and just being so absorbed by the book. And it was a really exciting book. It was crazy few days with severe lack of sleep, but it was all worth it.

The Goblet of Fire is the most exciting book in the Harry Potter series. It is also the turning point and is the last really lighthearted book before the much darker and mature Order of the Phoenix. I love it. The competition and the introduction of other schools is brilliant. The world cup at the beginning is just amazing. I guess, the reason why I liked it so much was because it was very fast paced and action packed. Yet at the same time, it contained all the characteristics that made Harry Potter such a lovable series. The friendships that were put to the test and the budding romance. So much win.

On that note, can I just say that if you haven’t read any Harry Potter, read the Goblet of Fire. I suppose that because it’s a series, it would be best to start from the first book. But if you just want a taste of the Harry Potter universe and what it has to offer, I think Goblet of Fire has all of that and maybe more.


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