Day 07 – Most underrated book

If you haven’t already noticed, I haven’t read many books in my university career, I blame that on my addiction to American crime shows. Also, if you’ve seen some of the books I’ve read you’ll notice they fall into two main categories. The first would be classics and the second would be mainstream popular books. So asking me about my opinion on an underrated book is nigh impossible. But I will try.

Classics can’t be considered underrated, simply because they are classics as enough people have read and enjoyed the book. But it seems today that many classics go unread by the younger generation, because some are too long, some have “weird” English and many other factors. It’s ironic, because many classics are actually free in e-book form. I have friends who read extensively, yet give many of the longer and best-loved classics a miss, I guess because they’re no longer relevant or just don’t appeal to our generation. So definitely one of the books I would like to see more love for is the Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas.

Admittedly, everyone I’ve met who actually read the book loves it, but very few actually get around to reading it. It’s a really long book, but the story that it spins is just marvelous. It’s an epic tale of love and revenge and how these two things collide to form a plot that is intriguing and engaging. The characters are varied and yet lovable. It’s a highly dramatic novel, with conniving villains and innocent maidens and the like. It may be set in a time long past, but I feel that it’s a timeless story that people will fall in love with if they just read it.

It’s been adapted into an anime, it’s been adapted into an American drama and movies, but adaptations don’t do justice to the book and its gripping story. Dumas is a master storyteller, he doesn’t get too bogged down in descriptive details but instead he writes very action packed sequences. There’s always something happening on each page and you can get through the book surprisingly fast for its length.

So yes, just let me spread some love for one of my favourite books of all time. Do you have any books that you love but you feel are going unnoticed?


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