Day 08 – Most overrated book

Can I just say that thinking of books everyday is a really difficult thing to do. I’ve read many books, but the ones that I remember are those that I look fondly upon so asking me if they’re overrated is an impossible question for me to answer. There have been books that I haven’t liked, but for a book to be overrated, it would have to be written badly and yet is still very popular. Like 50 shades of grey (I haven’t read it yet, and I highly doubt I will ever get around to reading it). I mean come on, it started out as fan fiction! Not that fan fiction is bad, or is badly written, but it gives an indication that the characters used are not original. Add to that the fact that it’s erotica. I just cannot comprehend why it’s so popular. Is it the twilight effect? Who knows and really at this point, who cares!

But back to the question at hand, most overrated book (that I’ve actually read). Unfortunately I would have to go with the hunger games. I’m not saying that it’s a bad book, it’s well written, the plot was original and it was engaging and action packed. I enjoyed it for most parts, but was slightly deterred by the young adultish feel that it had. The reason it’s overrated is probably because of the immensely popularity it has gained with the movie and all. I don’t think it’s that great a book to warrant such popular response. But perhaps time will prove me wrong.


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