Day 24 – A book that you wish more people would’ve read

There are a great many books that I wish more people would read. A lot of them fall into the category of long classics. I still hold onto the firm belief that a lot of the older classics were just written and crafted better. I know that’s not entirely true, but a lot of books now a days feel very commercialized, like they’re selling out their soul for money. I think a lot of books do take time to write, you might not get it “right” the first time, and it may take many drafts and revisions before a book gets published. Also, it terms of creating a cohesive and yet vast new world doesn’t occur magically overnight. It could take months of preparation and a good deal of research or even hundreds of little backstories for minor characters and events to be able to create a believable and consistent world for the book. So I do look dubiously on authors that produce books too quickly. It somehow doesn’t feel right.

But personal misgivings aside, a book I would really recommend is The Count of Monte Cristo. I know I’ve mentioned the book way too  many times as it is over these 24 days, but as I see the American television show Revenge gain popularity, I can’t help but wish the novel that inspired it would become more popular as well.

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