Day 26 – A book that changed your opinion about something

Today’s topic is the easiest one so far. Ever since I saw this particular topic there has only been one book that consistently pops up in my mind.


I read Animal Farm a long time ago, it was a birthday gift from my dad. It had cool illustrations and was surprisingly easy to understand even though I read it when I was rather young. So it was from a young age that I was introduced to George Orwell. However it was much late that I read 1984. It was when I was in my twenties, a time when I would have understood the concepts in the book much better and I’m glad I didn’t read when I was too young. I think a lot of its ideas would have been lost of me.

So yes, 1984 is an amazing book. It makes you think about life and governance and freedom and many other things. It makes you ponder about love and life and the cost you’re willing to pay for all the things that you have a present. It’s an amazing book that really grips you from the start. I loved how it brought you through so many emotions and the ending, the ending was just masterful.

I would very much like to put this book as my pick for tomorrow’s post on the most surprising plot twist or ending. All the more as a psychology student, you realize how powerful emotions and feelings are. The ending for me was what made the book, it has caused me to realize that fear is a powerful emotion and weapon. Yet at the same time, it really depends on how you use it to your advantage. I know it’s a strange thing to take away from a book. I guess what I’m trying to say is that, I would like to believe that love conquers all, that the world is inherently good and that life will be just peachy. But I know that all this is not true and I learnt that from this book.

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