Day 29 – A book everyone hated but you liked

This feels awfully similar to the post on which books I think are underrated and which books I think more people should read. But I’ll try to think of something new.

The thing is, every book has it’s fans and critics. I’ve seen many a reader or blogger who doesn’t like Lord of the Rings, many of my friends don’t appreciate the books that I read. It would be much easier for me to pick a book that everyone liked by I hated, I even have authors that everyone seems to like but that I can’t wrap my head around (Yes, Haruhi Murakami I’m looking at you). But to keep on topic, I would go with Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. I reviewed it here:

Maybe it’s because I’m Asian and was brought up in a typical Asian family. I enjoyed the book immensely although I realize there were probably more critics than fans. Even my mum wasn’t very impressed by the book. So yes, I like the book regardless of whether anyone else likes it.


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