Anime: K-On! (Movie)

The long-awaited movie. Since it came out in Japan in December and I’ve only watched in July, the wait has been pretty long  and anticipation as well as expectation has grown in this time. Still when you marry such a light-hearted anime about girls who play in a band with a city like London, it’s hard not to find Gold.

I love London, I love its vibrancy and I would love to visit it one day. I’m not super acquainted with its music scene, but there are a few famous names that I recognize. So it was with great trepidation that I watched the girls fly off to the city I was in love with. I think that the entire graduation trip portion of the movie was really good. I enjoyed watching them experience the city, seeing familiar landmarks and their more musical endeavours in the city.

The movie encompasses all that K-on has been about these past two seasons. Their love for music (and their instruments). Their tea in the afternoon. The strangest accidents that they will no doubt get into. The chemistry and at this stage the love that they have for each other really shines through. I think it is a brilliant portrayal of what K-on is all about and the fact that they are overseas makes it all the more special. The animation was flawless, the music was great and I would have loved to love the movie.

Here comes the “but”. I wasn’t sure of where to place the movie. Having seen the end of season 2 as well as the special, there’s a lot of repetition going on in the movie. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I do wonder why they had to (or wanted to) have so many scenes that were already shown in the main season or in the special. No doubt this makes the movie more complete and also gives it a proper head, body and tail, however it kind of screws with the timeline. The movie sits somewhere before the end of season 2 and after the special, but it was the transitions and the use of familiar footage from the original episodes that irked me. It’s probably just me. Everyone else seems to love the movie.

And don’t get me wrong, it’s a great movie. The backstory of the song was done spectacularly and I really do hope they continue to adapt the manga as the girls move into university. It’s been a wonderful journey with them through high school and the chemistry that they have is really perfect. I know that their relationships are unrealistic, they don’t fight or have deferring opinions. But that’s not the point of this show. The point of this show has always been to show what a carefree life looks like, and these girls are the epitome of that.

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