Books are awesome

Because there are 31 days in July and only 30 days in the meme, I thought I would share this comic that really conveys my love for books and what books mean to me on this last day of July.

63. CARL SAGAN: Books are awesome.

The rest of the comics on this site are awesome as well, and I love a lot of the quotes he illustrates and they’re all really well done. So yes, do have a look around his site if you haven’t already.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the month of books as I have taken to calling it. It’s been a really memorable time in many ways. I think that a lot of an individual’s character is revealed through the books they enjoy and read, so I hope that gives you a glimpse into my life. Books have always played a big part in my life. I’m really thankful for the love of books that my parents have instilled in me. At the same time Singapore has an awesome library system, and I still remember going up to the red bricked building that was the national library back when I was just really beginning to read. That particular library has since been torn down, but many more new and exciting libraries have popped up to take its place.

Books are magical in the way that they can transport you to different places and times and whole new worlds. They let you meet new people and experience new things. Truly books are awesome and I could never envision a life without them. What do books mean to you? And how do they shape your life? As this month of books comes to a close would you care to share your thoughts on books?

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