Book: Rumo and his Miraculous Adventures

The second book set in Zamonia written by Walter Moers. My favourite book so far from the novels that have been translated.

This time we delve into the life of Rumo that little Wolperting that we saw a glimpse of in Captain Bluebear. It has a more linear plot that progresses more traditionally. The sense of adventure that is so prevalent in Walter Moers books is ever-present, but there is also the secondary theme of growing up and of love. The growing up aspect was not easy. It was filled with ever-present danger and even when he finally found his people, soon after he was plunged into even greater danger. The love aspect was symbolized with the silver thread. It was sweet and endearing and heart wrenching but at the same time it reminded one of the epic tales of love, where the suitor would go on a quest or go on a journey to save the damsel in distress. I loved how the story was so compact, in that legends mentioned in the beginning of the book came to play important roles in the second part of the books. I loved how all the characters were connected somehow, I loved how the story was written as if it was a documentation of Rumo’s heroic deeds.

Heroes are at the heart of this story, it tells of how the most unlikely people can become heroes even if their deeds are never known throughout the world. It’s a beautiful tale made even more so by the Zamonian setting. This fantasy world that has an endless supply of surprises in store. And may I just make special mention of the illustrations that pepper the book. Drawn by Walter Moers himself, they add something special to the journey. They show us what some characters look like, what some places look like and just add enough detail to help the story take shape in our minds.

I honestly don’t know why his novels aren’t more popular. I think that they are suitable for every age, and for every individual yearning for an adventure. I wholeheartedly recommend this book and to perhaps entice you to read it, I quote the “prologue” of sorts that starts the book:

Imagine a chest of drawers!

Yes, a big chest with lost of drawers containing all the marvels and mysteries of Zamonia arranged in alphabetical order. A chest of drawers floating in absolute darkness.

Can you imagine that?

Good, not watch: one of those drawers is opening! The one bearing the letter R. R for Rumo

And now look inside – deep inside, before it shuts again.


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