Anime: Wasurenagumo

The second anime from the crop of 2011 young animators training project. This is from Production I.G, a pretty well-known anime studio that produced the very popular Ghost in the Shell. I guess out of 4 anime works, this was the one that was really geared at adults or teens, as compared to the rest and it’s no wonder that it’s the most well received out of the 4.

It has a very heavy supernatural element and I loved how they mixed the scenes from the past to lead into the present. It is deceivingly cute in the beginning, especially when the little spider girl looks like this:

The story was slightly convoluted, there was a lot going on for a half an hour episode. It was a bit confusing, especially at the end, but I think it was clearly a one-shot. To be honest, it didn’t have the same emotional intensity as the other anime in this project. It was the most pleasing on the eyes and perhaps the most “adultish”, but there was little to no emotional attachment to characters and although the designs were all really nice, the characters were all pretty one-dimensional. It’s probably my least favourite of the 4 anime, but that’s just probably just me.

Give it a shot and tell me what you thought about it!

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