Anime: Puka Puka Juju

The third in the 2011 Young Animator Training Project and probably my favourite. It’s a really heartwarming tale about a girl whose father works really hard and doesn’t seem to have time for her. A promised trip to the beach ends before it can even begin and instead as she plays at home we’re taken on a whimsical journey with her float – Dudu/Juju a Dugong.

Amazing animation and graphics aside, I liked it best because it told a really simple but relatable story. I’m sure we’ve all experienced that excitement and anticipation in looking forward to a trip with our parents, yet that sometimes turns into disappointment. Yet the way in which young Mika deals with it is completely realistic and so charming. The imagination or dream that she delves into is fantastical and full of innocence. I felt that there was a good deal of underlying meaning that made the show both suitable for kids and for adults.

The characters were well portrayed for a show that was only 30 minutes long. Mika was adorable even when she threw a tantrum and the father was surprisingly well-rounded (no pun intended) making the ending that much better. I think that the emotions this anime evoked were very instinctive and it reminded me that anime doesn’t have to have an intriguing or complicated plot. Sometimes the best stories are those that you have lived yourself.

If you have just half an hour to spare, watch this. And even if you don’t have the time, I would say make the time to go and watch this incredible piece of work. Let me know what you think of it, did it tug at your heartstrings too?

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