Book: The Alchemaster’s Apprentice

The last book (for now) by Walter Moers that I’ll be reviewing. Another book set in Zamonia and supposedly written by Optimus Yarnspinne, it’s a culinary tale of epic proportions.

Up is down and ugly is beautiful

How true this motto holds for the book. The juxtaposition of seemingly incompatible elements in each of the characters is done to great effect and ensures that the book is full of surprises. An evil alchemist that can create some of the most gastronomic delicacies is just an example of how varied the characters are in Walter Moers novels. They are truly interesting with distinctive personalities as well as fears, ambitions and backgrounds. It’s always such a joy to meet a new character be they good or evil. And of course, we are once again introduced to new creatures from Moers’ imagination.

This story is slightly different from his others, in the sense that it’s a reworking of Mirror, the little cat by Gottfried Keller a German writer. I haven’t read the original and although the stories are very similar in terms of plot, I’m sure Moers’ brings his own distinctive spin to the tale.

The culinary aspects of this novel is really unique. The delicacies described and served in the book will fire your imagination and leave you salivating. There’s a whole range of more normal cuisines and then some totally out of this world food. It’s a testament to Moers’ unlimited imagination. I am constantly in awe of the things he comes up with and I adore the stories that he creates.

I can’t wait for his next novel to be translated and if you know of any authors of the same genre as Walter Moers do let me know. These books are really entertaining, they feel like a child’s story. There’s this innocence to them which is hard to find in novels for adults these days. Perhaps I’m still a child at heart, but I would never grow up if it meant that I couldn’t appreciate books like these. 

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