Book: Fever Crumb

Just a disclaimer before I begin, I have loved Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve since I read the quartet so there was a lot of expectation when I finally decided to start on the Fever Crumb series which is the prequel. There is also a certain degree of bias because reading Fever Crumb has made sure my unfailing adoration of Philip Reeve. Despite that weight of expectation, Fever Crumb brought me back into the world that I fell in love with. It gave me new characters that I have grown to love and has taken my breath away.

These are probably the only science fiction books I read, I love their steam punk nature and their postapocalyptic aspect. I enjoy how things that are popular now have been integrated in the future and I really appreciate how romance is not the focus of the novels. Sure many of the characters are teenagers or young adults, yet romance and love is not the forefront of the novels.

Fever Crumb as the title suggests is a story about a girl named Fever Crumb. And what a story it is. It starts off in an innocent fashion, but much darker and mysterious themes emerge. The fight between humans and the Scriven (who are thought to be superior), the terror that still grips London because of their past. The politics at play in the shadows. The deceit, the treachery makes fora very dramatic novel. I sped through the novel in a day, because it kept me coming back for more. I needed to know what happened, I needed to see the story unfold. It is gripping, it is the type of novel you cannot put down. There is that intrigue building, slowly but surely that keeps you hooked. Yet it is an easy read to get through, suitable for children even. And that for me is the beauty of this novel. How it’s language is kept simple and elegant, yet the story really pushes forward until the climax. And what a climax.

This is a prequel, some characters make an appearance here, their origin is explained. So many aspects of the world that Mortal Engines is based on find their creation here and it brings back so many memories. Fond memories. If you have read the Mortal Engines quartet, read Fever Crumb. You will enjoy it, as much as, or perhaps even more. If you haven’t read any of his books, I would suggest starting with Fever Crumb. I can’t be sure, but it feels like a better novel. Philip Reeve has more experience under his belt now, and it shows. Fever Crumb is well put together and a thoroughly exciting read.


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