Anime: Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyou

How different can two seasons of an anime be? Like night and day apparently. If the first season of Nurarihyon no Mago was everything that shounen should not be, then the second season is everything that shounen should be. I came to the second season with serious apprehension and probably very low expectations, but evidently there was nothing to worry about.

Instead of continuing where the first season left off, we’re brought into the past to have a look at some significant events that happened in the Nura clan. It’s a captivating story simply because Nurarihyon is a very charming character. He’s the typical bad boy and although we’ve seen the whole arrogant, cool, really good fighter type before, he still makes a really powerful impact. There’s something more to his smugness that captivates. It’s a brilliant beginning that I think hooked a good number of people (girls especially). At the same time through the second season we get to know a bit more about Rikuo’s heritage, about his grandfather and father and the history of the clan. It’s a well written backstory that should have had made an appearance in the first season. The main storyline in this season is also not as linear, some things that happened in the first season are shown to have a significance and many of Rikuo’s companions really show their merits. It’s almost like a 180 change from the first season and makes me look forward for more Nurarihyon.

Of course there is the major power upgrade that occurs that makes this anime shounen. I have nothing against power upgrades, especially if they’re cool and actually useful. I just wish that they didn’t come at the drop of a hat. Not that Rikuo got his easily, but it usually is the case for most shounen titles. Anyway, his power upgrade was actually pretty well thought out and I enjoyed the whole transformation sequence. Also the annoying love interest girl didn’t make much of an appearance in this season, which was another cause for joy! And other Omyoujis made an appearance and they were pretty cool, both in terms to power and characters.

I will admit that a lot of the characters were still pretty one-dimensional, but because of a good deal of backstories that were included, there is a better understanding of their motives and actions. The plot was just immensely better and there were some twists and turns that kept the story engaging. There are many new characters introduced and it can get quite hard to keep up with everyone, but the ending was satisfactory and it keeps you wanting more.

I’m really happy that I watched this season and I would go so far as to say that if you haven’t watched the first season, skip it and just watch this one. Sure there will be things that you don’t understand, but I don’t think that you’ll be missing anything major. Better yet, just watch the two re-cap episodes of the first season and head into season 2. It’s a lot less painful and a lot more entertaining. The again if the first season hadn’t been that bad, I wouldn’t have appreciated this season as much. So what can I say? What do you say in terms of comparing the 2 seasons?


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