Book: Scrivener’s Moon

The recent installment of the Fever Crumb series really delves into the history of the world that Philip Reeves has set up. The first book introduced us to the characters and to beloved London, the second book was a bit of a detour in Fever’s life, but now in this third book we’re back in London where she belongs. This books marks the beginning of traction cities, cities that move and that we might already be familiar with if you’ve read the mortal engine series. So the ending doesn’t come as a surprise, we know where the story is headed and there’s no suspense as to whether London will succeed. I guess the question then is where will Fever’s choices lead her.


I have to admit that I didn’t like the book. Firstly it took me a really long time to read it, which is rare for one of Reeve’s books. I struggled to get through the first few chapters. I think it’s because I was losing touch with Fever. She just wasn’t compelling. The choices she had made thus far were wrong (in my opinion) and no matter what she did now, it just couldn’t make up for it. I no longer cared about her. The changes wrought in the other characters as well just made them less respectable.

I suppose the biggest problem I had with the book was that there was no one I was rooting for. It’s really hard to like a book when you don’t like most of the characters. Although the story and the “historical” aspect of Fever’s lineage has been resolved, that’s not enough. I still applaud the world and stories that Reeve has created, but the characters are just disappointing.

So yes, I’m still waiting for the last book. I seriously wonder how it will turn out and it’s been nice to see how London and traction cities came about. It’s been interesting to see familiar characters or names that are linked to mortal engines, but all in all, this book has been a bit of a let down. It doesn’t help that I spotted a couple of mistakes in the last few chapters of the book.



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