Book: Interworld

Finally something different! I’m sorry, I’ve been going through my author phase, it’s what happens when I become obsessed with an author and need to read everything that he’s written. As you can no doubt tell, I’ve gone through Walter Moers books in double-quick time and continued with Philip Reeve. But today a slight change in pace. Today we look at Interworld, a book by Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves.

Yup, it was a library book. And that’s the library barcode thingy that Singapore libraries use. I would love to buy books, but there are a few problems with that. Firstly books can be quite expensive especially if I want to buy hardcovers. Secondly, Singapore’s climate isn’t the best for books. They yellow really quickly and if I’m not careful the books will be attacked by silverfish. Perhaps the greatest challenge is that I just don’t have enough space for my books.

That aside, Interworld was awesome. I love the concept and the story that it contained was enjoyable. It had elements of both science and magic which made it quite interesting and the idea of having an army of selves from alternative worlds is unique. It does feel like this is the first book of a series. It did start out as an idea for a TV series, so there are a few unanswered questions that remain. I would love for more books to be written, I think that there’s a lot of material that can be explored and it’s a really good launching book. It introduced you to the main character and builds the world before your eyes. There are a number of concepts that need to be explained, but explanation seems very natural and is integrated very well into the story.

I guess if you can get past the fact that there is only one book and enjoy it for what it’s worth, you’ll be fine. But I can’t help wishing that there was more to this story.

Also I’m a huge fan of Neil Gaiman, but I haven’t read any of his children’s books. It’s definitely something I plan to do soon. Also I recently found out that there’s going to be new Sandman! So exciting!

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