Anime: Nodame Cantabile OVA

The first OVA from the Nodame Cantabile series, set after the second season. You’d be forgiven if you couldn’t recognize the main character of this OVA. It has been an entire season since we’ve seen him, and even then it wasn’t as if he was a major player in the first season. Who am I talking about? Yukihisa Matsuda.


The conductor who took over Rising Star when Chiaki left is back in Paris and just a little jealous of Chiaki’s achievement. It’s a funny 22 minute episode detailing his meet up with Chiaki and Nodame as well as his hilarious future diary. Add to that the cameo by Mine and Masumi and it becomes an episode that brings back memories of the season in Japan.

I guess it’s doesn’t really add to the storyline or to the characters, but episodes like these are good too. A break from the characters and the main plot to see what’s been happening in the lives of the minor characters. It helps that comedy is probably Nodame Cantabile’s strongest asset.

So what have you thought of Nodame Cantabile thus far? Has it made you laugh? Has it made you cry? Has it made you fall in love with music? Let me know what you think!


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