Book: Goblins!

Who knew a book about Goblins could be so entertaining? Philip Reeve has taken your usual hero on a quest story and turned it on its head. I would compare this to the Shrek movie, it’s similar in concept in that all your usual stereotypes of hero, princess, goblins and giants are just tossed out the window.

The story starts with Skarper the goblin describing the place where he lives and his backstory all while in the process of falling to his death. Obviously he doesn’t die and what ensues is an adventure of comical proportions. The characters in this story really stand out. They are all unique individuals with ambitions and dreams and hilarious backstories. When the characters get together, the story really takes off. So many things are constantly happening, but the plot is actually really simple. It’s your usual hero goes off to save damsel in distress, but because the characters are all so different from what you imagine, it really sets the story apart.

Fast-paced. Not overly complex. Amazing characters and a solid plot made this book a joy to read. I highly recommend the books to both children and adults. It’s a pretty quick read but it’ll leave you with a smile on your face.

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  1. […] ago, I went on a reading spree focusing on Philip Reeve’s books. That was when I picked up Goblins! and fell in love with Skarper and Henwyn, Princess Ned and the entire cast of characters. A year […]

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