Anime: Nodame Cantabile Finale Special

Set just before the final season of Nodame Cantabile, I remember reading the manga chapters that were used for this episode and loving it then. Seeing it animated has really been a treat as it brings back so many fond memories of some of the most memorable characters from season 1. Also the fact that these characters congregated in Paris is like a happy reunion.

Let’s face it, Mine and Kiyora’s relationship escalated pretty quickly in season 1 and we didn’t really get to see its progress and journey. In this special we get a glimpse of what their relationship is like. How difficult it is for both of them being so far apart and their amazing love and hope for each other. It’s a very sweet episode, seeing Mine go all out for Kiyora and how she responds in kind. Absolutely beautiful.

Having been in a long distance relationship before, I can understand how lonely and difficult it is. There are a lot of challenges that the couple faces and sometimes there is a break down in communication. Yet this special, shows how Mine and Kiyora have worked through many difficulties and she laments and how it would be nice if they together instead of pursuing music. Nodame naturally reminds her that they would never have met if it weren’t for music. It’s my favourite scene in the episode, where Kiyora realizes that it’s great that both of them are pursuing what they really love even if it keeps them apart.

I guess it’s not always realistic to expect a partner like Mine who supports his girlfriend so enthusiastically. More often than not, someone in the relationship sacrifices their dreams for the other’s sake. But it’s always nice to see a couple reaching for the same goal, even though the paths they take are really different and at times can push them very far apart. It is a very persistent theme in the anime which I’ve really come to appreciate. Perhaps it is because of past experiences and future hopes that primes me to fall in love with a theme like that. I don’t know, what do you think about Mine and Kiyora’s relationship?


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