Book: No such thing as Dragons

The last book I’ll be reviewing from Philip Reeve for now. It’s been an epic journey so far, but I think I need a break from him to go explore some other minds and delve into other worlds.

No such thing as dragons is a story about a boy who goes on a journey with a dragon hunter. It may sound ironic, but the plot does a good job of bringing the readers in circles, with the question of whether dragons exist constantly on our mind. It’s similar to ‘Here lies Arthur’ in the sense that the idea of myth creation is once again touched on, although not as extensively. Instead it focuses on human relations and what different people would do for survival.

As with Reeve, our main character is once again scarred in some way. In this case he is mute, unable to talk because of childhood trauma. This journey that he goes on is a life changing one. He broadens his horizons and learns a good deal about people and what they are capable of. It’s a good story with vibrant characters that bring life to the plot. I liked how the characters had very different struggles even though they were in the same situation. I enjoyed the journey that they went on and I loved how they changed and the process in which they developed. Personally I think that characterization as well as character development is Reeve’s strengths. Plot may not be original but it’s always witty and that for a children’s book makes it an interesting read.

So yes, it’s a book that can be read in an afternoon. It’s reminiscent of epic tales but at the same time it’s a very personal story about the three (or four) main characters. I totally recommend it and would love to hear what you thought of it if you’d already read it!


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