Anime: Nodame Cantabile Finale

And so we’re finally here, the last season of Nodame Cantabile. What a journey it has been. We’ve gone from Tokyo to Paris and heard a range of classical pieces and stir the heart. Most of all we’ve journeyed together with Nodame and Chiaki on a roller coaster of emotions in the pursuit of their dreams. This was the season that made me cry.

And this review makes me cry as well. I actually wrote it about a week or two back, but didn’t realize that the internet had been turned off before I clicked publish. So, you can imagine why I was in tears and why this post is so delayed. Firstly because I went away on a family trip to Italy and secondly because I really don’t feel like writing this review again.

Having got that off my chest, let’s talk about the final season of Nodame Cantabile instead. It’s my favourite season out of the three because a lot of things happen to both Nodame and Chiaki. In the previous two seasons, it was their own hard work that was propelling them forward, but this time it’s the people around them that are causing massive changes to their lives. I also really enjoyed how the anime dwelled on the musicians. Sure the music is great and we’ve gone through two seasons of how Nodame had to face the music and there has been a good deal of appreciation for the music. But this season has changed its focus. The music is still important but at the same time, we get a good hard look and all the trials and tribulations that the musicians go through.

It’s not easy making beautiful music and this series reminds us that it’s not just talent, but also hard work and just a touch of chance. It reminds us that the world is made up of a variety of people with different characters and tread the same path and that have the same passion. Music has brought so many characters together and even though they may be as different as night and day, the fact that they share the same absolute love for music really bridges gaps and brings them closer. It’s a really wonderful and poignant theme to focus on even as the show comes to an end.

There’s a lot more I could say and that I said about this series, but really the fact that they concentrated on the characters as musicians trying to find their career in music is the reason why I liked this finale so much. It strikes a chord with me, because I just graduated from university and my future is really wide open. I still adore Chiaki and Nodame’s relationship, they are one of my favourite couples, but beyond all the romance and comedy, this series is both thoughtful and lighthearted. It’s the anime that I would recommend to all women who are in late teens to early twenties. Even if you’ve never watched anime before or even if you usually watch stuff like Gossip Girls, this is the show to watch. And with an opinion like that, I guess that’s why I continued on with the live-action series of Nodame Cantabile as well.


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