Book: Coraline

I did try to watch the film when it came out, but the whole button for eyes just freaked me out and I never did get around to finishing the film. Yet I knew I wanted to know the story, especially because it was by Neil Gaiman. So I finally got my hands on Coraline and for such a short book, it is a wonderful story.

Coraline is a book I’m really glad I read and not watched as a film. It is really creepy and could possibly give you nightmares. It follows the titular character Coraline as she crosses into a different world, similar to her own, yet much more sinister and with darker motives. What ensues is her quest to escape and it’s in this quest that the book really stands out. Coraline is a strong girl, who is brave and clever and yet acts her age. The book and the story is interesting and filled with discrete descriptions of the things that live the other world.

I love how a lot of the creatures and the beings are left to the reader’s imagination. There’s just a skeleton of description and allusions enough to get your creative juices pumping but also to let your imagination run wild. And truly, this is where Neil Gaiman shines as a storyteller. How scary the book is dependent on how active (or should I say overactive) your imagination is. And it really makes me glad that I read the book, rather than watched the film. I will probably try to watch it one day (soon) but for now, Coraline is a great afternoon read that will leave you satisfied.

One Response to “Book: Coraline”
  1. Genki Jason says:

    I’m not surprised that the book is good because Gaiman wrote it and I watched the film last month and I thought it was really good. You should give it a go!

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