Anime: Nodame Cantabile OVA 2


Here we have it, the OVA that ends the series on a hilarious note. Set after the finale, we see Nodame and Chiaki’s relationship in full eccentric glory. Just 12 minutes long it documents a fight between our favourite couple as well as Yuiko’s trip to Paris to visit Chiaki. It also shows a jealous side of Chiaki, which you have to admit we don’t get to see too often. So yes, expect many laughs and smiles.

Since this is the last Nodame post, I thought it would be apt to mention the opening and ending songs used through the series. From what is written on Wikipedia  apparent some of the songs incorporate themes or melodies from classical pieces which is amazing. Also I  especially loved Tokyo et Paris which was the ending song for Season 2. I think it’s a well written song that really just fits the anime. In terms of the music that was showcased in the anime itself, I think most of the pieces from the first season really stick in my mind. The  Rachmaninoff piano concerto as well as Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue are two of my favourites. From the second season, Nodame’s performance of twinkle twinkle little star by Mozart was also spectacular. As for the last season, I would say it has to Rui and Chiaki’s Ravel Piano Concerto. I’ve been exposed to a lot more classical music from this series and I really appreciate that. It’s really inspiring and although there’s no way I will ever be a concert pianist, it does rekindle my love for music and that’s more than I can ask for.

At the same time, Nodame Cantabile has probably given me ridiculous expectations for relationships. It’s probably unhealthy to model relationships based on the one Nodame had with Chiaki. Still a girl can dream right?

And, as we come to the end, I’m really curious as to what you thought of the series. If you’ve watched it, kindly share your opinions on it. If you haven’t, I would ask you to give it a try and if you don’t like it then do tell me why. I would really like to know.


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