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I mentioned a few posts back that I made a trip to Italy. I am absolutely in love with that country and would love to go back to visit again, with a less packed itinerary and more time just to get lost and really enjoy the atmosphere. That aside, it’s a 12 hour flight from Singapore to Italy and that gave me a lot of time to watch movies, something which I don’t really set aside time for.

So during the flight I watched a total of six movies – Thermae Romae, Space Brothers, Girls for Keeps,The Kirishima Thing, Runway Cop and Moonrise Kingdom. The first four are all Japanese movies, out of which the first two have been made into anime. Runway Cop is a Korean movie which is hilariously funny, whilst Moonrise Kingdom is by famed director Wes Anderson.

I first watched Thermae Romae in its anime form and loved it. When I found out later that it had been made into a movie, I wondered at how that would be achieved seeing out the show is pretty episodic in nature. So you can imagine my surprise when I saw in on the airplane. I had to watch it immediately and I don’t regret the decision.

It’s equally funny in movie form and although the movie has added the romantic aspect to the show it doesn’t distract from all the hilarious occurrences. I still like the anime better, but the movie proved its worth as it became a talking point for me on the trip. I managed to go see Mt. Vesuvius as well as Rome, so it was really interesting having watched this movie before landing in Italy.

As for Space Brothers, I’ve heard raving reviews of the anime online but it’s only after watching the movie that I’ve been inspired to check out the anime as well.

It’s a warmhearted comedy starring one of my favourite actors – Oguri Shun. What’s not to like right? I loved his hair in the movie and the story was solid and the characters inspiring. Two brothers make a promise to go to space, but along the way the elder brother drifts away from the dream and it’s only after certain incidents that this passion for space is rekindled. I’m not sure how the anime storyline goes, because it seemed quite compact and complete in the movie. Still, it was a blast to watch and the characters are just so endearing that I feel like I should give the anime a try. So yes, Space brothers is now on my list.

The next movie I really enjoyed was Girls for Keeps. It’s a lovely chick flick about four women with vastly different lives and at different stages in life. It documents that ups and the downs of the individuals and their friendship with each other.


I appreciate how the story realistically portrays the struggles of a working Japanese woman, the pressure of reaching 30 and still remaining unmarried, the sacrifices of a single mother and the social stigma of dating a younger man. It has something for all women and because it advocates being yourself and staying true to your beliefs, it really strikes a chord and brings both tears and smiles to your face. I totally recommend this movie to all women, regardless of age or circumstance. It reminds us that girls are a lot stronger than we think, and also a lot weaker than we look. I know that doesn’t make immediate sense, but I think it will after you watch the movie.

The last movie I really wanted to talk about is The Kirishima Thing.


I unfortunately didn’t get the movie at all. It’s probably not the best movie to watch when you’re lacking sleep and cognitive function. I understood what was happening, but somehow, somewhere I must have lost the theme or the point of the movie. It felt strange and uncompleted. Following characters through the same events is a cool, albeit confusing concept. And there are a lot of characters in this movie, with the most important person never making an appearance. So I’m not very sure what to make of this movie, and if you’ve watched and appreciated it, please enlighten me.

And so, that concludes my mini foray into the world of Japanese live action film. I have to say that most of the Japanese films I’ve watched have all been a sequel to some hit drama series or falls into the Japanese horror genre. But these four films have really opened eyes and although manga/anime adaptations still scare me, I think I’ll take the risk a little more often.

2 Responses to “A random movie post”
  1. Genki Jason says:

    So you watched most of the major releases in Japan this year! Well done! Thermae Romae has been a smash hit in Japan and you’ve reinforced my impression that it must be worth watching. The Kirishima Thing is the one I’m really interested in though. I have yet to see it but the story looks so good.

    • everworld says:

      Thank you, thank you. I have to say I spotted Thermae Romae on your blog first and that really piqued my interest. Really happy that I managed to catch it. And when you get around to watching The Kirishima Thing do review it!

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