Book: The Bad Beginning

Yes I have reverted back to children’s books again. Don’t judge me. They are easier to read and because they are so short, it’s much faster for me to get through. Besides, A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket has been on my to read list for a long time. When I saw it sitting on the bookshelf at my workplace, I had to pick it up. Besides isn’t it good to model reading behaviour to kids?

As the title no doubt gives away and the book constantly reminds us, if you don’t like unhappy endings on unhappy circumstance to begin with, don’t read the book. It starts with sadness and ends with sadness and the whole series truly is unfortunate. Having said that, the writing is witty, the protagonists are clever and the story is engaging.

It starts of with the death of Baudelaire couple, causing their children – Violet, Klaus and Sunny to become orphans. The three children have very unique abilities which are put to use throughout the book. After becoming orphans, they are sent off to live with a distant relative – Count Olaf who is more interested in their inheritance than the children themselves. What ensues is a sinister plot to steal their inheritance and the children’s fight against Count Olaf. It’s a simple story filled with ingenious ideas by the children and vibrant characters that really make an impression.

Add to this the narration style of the book, how involved and concerned the author is with the children. The way he addresses the readers. The explanations he gives for “difficult” words used in the books. It all comes together to give the story a unique style and makes it a wonderful read. There’s also a touch of mystery with regards to who Lemony Snicket is and who Beatrice is, although I could probably take a few guesses as it is. I’ve had the pleasure of reading the second book and will have a review on that up soon. With book 3 and 4 already borrowed and ready to be read, I’m really looking forward to reading the entire series.

It doesn’t help that work is getting busier and the time I have for reading is limited. Also, I’ve recently applied to study Masters in a number of Universities. I’m not sure if I’ll be accepted, but I do know that if I start studying again, reading books will probably not be on the top of my list. So it would seem that now is the time to read voraciously!

2 Responses to “Book: The Bad Beginning”
  1. These books are amazing, I was totally addicted to them when I was about 12and think I will be going back to them. They are not only well written but aren’t nicey nicey like most children’s books.

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