Book: The Reptile Room


The reptile room is the second book in the series of unfortunate events. It continues where the first book left off, the children are sent off to live with another relative whom they come to love dearly. But dogging their every move is Count Olaf whose appearance spells disaster for the children as he attempts to steal their fortune.

It’s a splendid read, both witty and entertaining. The foreshadowing (if you can even call it that) is done in a very direct manner, it’s not something I’m used to, but it’s done well in the book. Lemony Snicket tells you what to expect from very early on, yet when the event does occur, it still manages to go beyond expectations. My only gripe is that because they are children’s books, the storyline can seem simple and linear. There’s still some mystery, but being an adult reading the book, there’s not much room for surprises or intrigue. I still enjoy the book, but it’s very obviously for children. There are other children’s books that manage to capture an adult audience as well.

I wonder if there’s any books like the series of unfortunate events but for adults instead. Any recommendations?


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