Anime: Tamayura

I’m not sure how an OVA like this managed to pass me by.


I first heard of Tamayura when the anime series came out in 2011, but it was only recently when I was looking for anime to watch that I came across the OVA that aired in 2010. Tamayura is a beautiful anime about a girl who obsesses over taking photos. The OVAs are only 15 minutes long but each “episode” covers a different aspect of the main character – Fuu Sawatari more affectionately known as Potte. The first episode looks at her extreme shyness in interacting with people as well as introducing her friends (and new-found friends). We realize the importance of photos to Fuu. In particular a photo of her deceased father that she took which contains many Tamayura. These Tamayura are apparently a sign of gentleness or are attracted to gentleness. The next 3 episodes look at Fuu meeting her idol in the photo-taking world as well as searching for the place where that photo was taken.

The whole anime is slow-moving and has a very relaxed pace. This doesn’t mean that it’s boring, instead it is actually a warm-hearted look at the events in Fuu’s life. It’s sweet and gentle and every scene is filled with Tamayura. The anime is directed by the same person who did Aria, so if you’ve watched and enjoyed Aria, chances are you’d like Tamayura as well.

The sequel to the OVA comes in the form of the anime series and I’m curious as to how I’d enjoy it. I think that the OVAs have been enjoyable for me, because they’re short affairs. With a longer episode there is possibility that I’d lose interest part way (as I did with Aria).

It’s a good OVA, but I think I’ll reserve my opinions on the series until I’ve made it through the 1st season.


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