Book: Artemis Fowl

Yes, I delved into another series for children again. I can’t help that they are so easy to read and can be finished in a day. I’m a busy girl, with insufficient time to read, so these books are a good compromise. That said, I think I’ve read Artemis Fowl before. But it must have been a really long time ago, because I don’t remember anything from the book (or perhaps I read different book from the series). I was super excited to meet the 12-year-old millionaire, genius and criminal mastermind created by Eoin Colfer.


I really enjoyed reading the book. It’s smart, without being overly sarcastic. Just the way I like it. Artemis is an interesting character, the smart, full of himself criminal mastermind that we don’t see very often in children’s books. Holly the fairy is a good complement, a strong female character that can hold her own in the book. The cast of characters are what makes the book interesting and the mix of fantasy, criminal underworld and technology makes the setting stand out.

This first book of the series, introduces us to Artemis Fowl and his bid to increase the family fortune by stealing gold from the fairies. It’s action packed and clever. It uses a variety of characters to enliven the scene and because so many of the characters have their own motives, I guess there’s a lot of foreshadowing for the next few books. I really hope this gets made into a movie, I think it would give spy kids a run for its money. So I’m definitely excited to read the rest of the series!

I recommend this for both boys and girls, I think it’s a book that will keep kids engaged and interested. Now if only I could convince the kids I’m working with to give it a shot!

Before November hits, just a small update. You have noticed the change in the header image as well as my user icon. I am participating in NANOWRIMO (again). National Novel Writing Month, which is held every November and where writers get together to write a 500000 word novel in a month. It’s something that I try to do yearly, but which I’ve only succeeded in once. So, what can you expect from me during this month? Well, fewer updates are very likely and probably a good deal of ranting about the writing process. But do send some encouragement if you have time, I’ll treasure them immensely! So till my next post, adieu and wish me luck!


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