Book: Tales from the Perilous Realm

This collection of short stories from J.R.R. Tolkien is a wonderful read by my favourite author. I was only familiar with his work regarding Lord of the Rings and it’s related stories and books, so this collection of stories was a pleasant surprise. I had heard of some of them, but to be able to find them in the library made my day.


The stories included are an eclectic mix each more wonderful than the last. Roverandom speaks about an enchanted toy dog and his adventures on earth, on the moon and under the sea. Farmer Giles of Ham, talks about Farmer Giles and his (accidental) rise to King. The adventures of Tom Bombadil are a series of poems that explore the life of Tom from Lord of the Rings. Smith of Wootton Major is about the land of Faery while the last story Leaf by Niggle is an autobiography of sorts for J.R.R Tolkein.

One common aspect of each of the stories is how playful they are. It’s not as serious as Lord of the Rings and just shows how talented Tolkein is. All of them are delightful to read and are suitable for both children and adults. Leaf by Niggle has a slight slant towards Christianity, but  it doesn’t distract from the main story. I love the world that he creates in each story, which was most powerful in Roverandom and Smith of Wootton Major. The characters described and used are also poignant and memorable as in the form of Farmer Giles and Niggle.

I have to admit that I didn’t really like the poems, but that’s probably because I’m not much of a poem person in the first place.

So, this collection of stories are definitely worth a read whether you are a fan or not.

As for an update on my NaNoWriMo Progress, let’s just say I’ve hit a massive writer’s block, which might explain why I’m here reviewing books and anime instead.

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