It’s been a Long year

and it’s going to be a Long post, so bear with me. I have a lot to say as this year comes to an end, and the next year begins. It really has been an amazing year for me. So many things have happened, that makes it feel as if the year has been longer … Continue reading

Book: The Miserable Mill

The fourth book in the series of unfortunate event by Lemony Snicket. This time we see the children shipped off to work in a Lumber Mill. In this book there are many new experiences from the children. First and most surprisingly was that they were made to work. In really bad conditions of course. Secondly, … Continue reading

Anime: Dead Leaves

I’m not sure how I should describe this anime. Totally insane, probably sums it up right. And perhaps because it’s so out of this world that I find it quite hard to review. Did I enjoy it? Yes immensely. The only problem is I can’t tell you why I enjoyed it. It’s a film just … Continue reading

Book: The Wide Window

The third book in the series of unfortunate events by Lemony Snicket. And the book in which I realized that the titles for each of the books in the series are all alliterations. You have no idea how clever I thought I was after that. Oh the joy that comes from reading! In this book, … Continue reading

Anime: Hyouka

Would you say Hyouka is a good or bad anime? I think the answer to this question really comes down to what you look for in an anime. Is it plot? Is it characters? Is it animation? Or perhaps, it’s a combination of all three.   Hyouka is a well received and well liked anime. I do … Continue reading

Book: Yokai Attack! The Japanese Monster Survival Guide

I rarely, if ever read non-fiction books. Seriously though, with a title that already sounds exciting and interesting coupled with a cover like this:   You cannot expect me to pass this by. So yes, as I walked past the non-fiction section, this book jumped out at me. I borrowed it. Read it and have … Continue reading

Anime: Hataraki Man

Another anime from my favourite genre of Josei as well as from the famed animation slot noitaminA. It’s essentially about the life of a working woman. Specifically centered around Matsukata Hiroko who is a journalist for a magazine.   Each episode focused on the different journalist and women in the company. At the same time … Continue reading

Book: Red Rose, White Rose

I used to be effectively bilingual. Emphasis placed on USED to be. Now, I am unfortunately no longer fluent in Mandarin. This explains why I read Red Rose, White Rose by Eileen Chang in English and not in Mandarin. Oh well, I blame that on spending 5 years in Australia and losing touch with my Chinese roots. … Continue reading