Anime: Hataraki Man

Another anime from my favourite genre of Josei as well as from the famed animation slot noitaminA. It’s essentially about the life of a working woman. Specifically centered around Matsukata Hiroko who is a journalist for a magazine.

Hataraki Man


Each episode focused on the different journalist and women in the company. At the same time there was the overarching story of Matsukata’s love life. I have to admit that there are very few anime that depict a working woman’s life. I liked how that anime gave us a view of the different type of working women, because let’s face it, there are all types in this world. From the really hardworking type, to those who appear as if they get by, by just being pretty. There are the passionate newbies and the experienced and refined veterans. It was a joy to watch this anime, because it was realistic in its portrayal of working life. At the same time, it didn’t take itself too seriously. There were some tense and sad moments, but there was an equal amount of funny and lighthearted scenes.

The main problem I had with this anime was that I wasn’t invested in the characters. Each episode focused on a different character and I felt that there wasn’t enough time to get to know the main character. It wasn’t until the end of the anime that I understood her better. Her struggles, her motivations and her feelings. She seems like a really interesting character and I like how the ending was just open-ended, but at the same time, I guess was hoping for a happy ending. I forget that doesn’t always happen in josei.

All in all, it’s a good anime to kill time with, but if the synopsis doesn’t interest you, then I suggest you steer clear.


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