Book: The Wide Window

The third book in the series of unfortunate events by Lemony Snicket. And the book in which I realized that the titles for each of the books in the series are all alliterations. You have no idea how clever I thought I was after that. Oh the joy that comes from reading!

The wide window

In this book, the children are sent to live with Aunt Josephine on the shore of Lake Lachrymose. Aunt Josephine is a woman who is paranoid about everything and is also obsessed with grammar. This makes for an epic combination and an engaging story. I must admit that I quite liked this book. It was morbidly funny and also contained a quest like adventure on the sea. It has all the hallmarks of a good read. The three children are starting to really grow on me. They have been through so much misfortune and yet they are always trying. Add to that they mystery of who Lemony Snicket is and his connection to the children and the series has hooked me.

Perhaps the reason why I enjoy this series thus far is that this is a book directed at children and yet it contains some of the most morbid and sad scenes. It’s a marvel that a tragedy of this proportion can be written for children. I’m not sure if I appreciate how the full extent of misfortune has been masked or glossed over, or if I should just take this a book to be about the resilience of children. Any thoughts?


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