Anime: Dead Leaves

I’m not sure how I should describe this anime. Totally insane, probably sums it up right.

And perhaps because it’s so out of this world that I find it quite hard to review. Did I enjoy it? Yes immensely. The only problem is I can’t tell you why I enjoyed it. It’s a film just under an hour about a couple who wake up on Earth with no recollection of their past. The journey thereafter is filled with colourful chaos that is both loud and obnoxious. After their crime spree, they get put in jail, where the chaos continues as secret plots are uncovered and more of their past is revealed.

The story is actually really interesting and plays out nicely. It’s probably the only thing that can be considered normal in this anime. Everything else is a mix of weird and nonsensical. Take for example the main character who has a TV screen for a head. There are mutants galore in the prison with no lack of imagination from the creators. The design of the anime is vibrant and full of life, reminding me slightly of Kyousougiga. I love it. I love this style and the absolute crazy it is. Add to that a good plot and decent characters and this anime becomes an enjoyable ride.

Note of caution, there are some sexual references, but it seems appropriate in this show. Usually, I would steer clear, but for some reason, this didn’t turn me away from the film.

I highly recommend this movie for those who need a bit of action and fun in their entertainment. There needs to be more anime like this, if you know of anything similar do leave a suggestion!

4 Responses to “Anime: Dead Leaves”
  1. Genki Jason says:

    This actually got a DVD release in the UK but when I read descriptions of it I was sort of put off. Anything similar… You could try Panty and Stocking… I thought it was rather silly but it overdoses on the craziness, toilet humour and sex and it has a similar art style.

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