Anime: Gin’iro no Kami no Agito



Stunning. Absolutely stunning. Origin – Spirits of the past is an absolute beauty to watch. Animation is crisp. Colours are vibrant. The world created, the environment is just so pretty. Not just pretty, but full of detail and life and atmosphere. The background truly conveys so many feelings as well as the thoughts of the creator.

But the praise stops there. I’m sorry, as much as how wonderful the history of the world is and no matter how interesting the world currently is, there is nothing I hate more than bad characters and bad plot. Why bad characters? Because we have the typical girl who is absolutely clueless and has no backbone, no opinion, no decision-making skills and an inability to tell from good and bad. And then we have the boy, who is for absolutely no reason whatsoever, smitten with said girl. I detest sitting through a movie which could be so epic and meaningful and life changing and instead watch a really bad love story.

Allow me to roll my eyes. That’s all I’m going to say about this movie.

If you liked it, or think it should be given a chance, tell me why, because I just don’t see why people enjoy this so much.


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