Book: Three Gothic Novels: Frankenstein

Would you believe me if I told you I had never read Frankenstein before this? It’s true though. I knew that Frankenstein referred to the monster’s creator and not to the monster but that was the limit of my knowledge. To have finally read the book and to be able to pen down my thoughts on it makes me surprisingly happy.

I have to say that I enjoyed the book immensely. It has everything I love about books. The beautiful descriptions of the environs and the people. An amazing storyline that just draws you into a story that’s so fantastical yet to some extent believable  And of course, the characters. I think Mary Shelly has created memorable characters that will continue to haunt my thoughts for years to come.


Most people are familiar with the story, a crazed scientist (in this case not that crazy after all) creates a living monster. It’s a poignant tale of Victor Frankenstein and his pursuit of knowledge. During the course of his studies, he discovers that possibility of creating life. Thus begins a crazed season where he builds and gives life to his monster. However all of a sudden he realizes with disgust the error of his ways and abandoning the creature he despairs. This is the turning point and where the story really takes off.

There is a contrast between the life that Victor once had and the life that he has to painfully go through now. The perfect family and the love of friends are ripped apart because of the monster that he creates. It really makes you feel the agony that he must be going through. Yet at the same time, the plea of the monster resounds in your heart. Here is a person (?) who is a sum of his experiences. Abandoned by his creator, turned away by the people he thought he could be friends with, he turns to evil and murder. As the story unfolds there is a wealth of emotion that is unleashed with it.

There is initial happiness and bliss, the fervent, passionate devotion to studies, then tragedy and despair. The chase begins, and there is a plea for help, hope for a time, then plunging into ice-cold fear. Eventually all of this melts away to just anger and revenge. It’s a beautiful novel. I am in love with Mary Shelley.

To think that she was only 19 when she wrote it, fills me with immense respect. What started as a simple competition to see who could write the best horror story, turns a girl’s dream into a masterpiece.

Frankenstein should be read by everyone at least once. Not only is it considered one of the first pieces of gothic fiction, it is also considered the pioneer of science fiction. For a groundbreaking book like this, no words can praise this novel enough. Please read it if you haven’t already. I think it’s accessible to anyone at any age and is just a wonderful read.

2 Responses to “Book: Three Gothic Novels: Frankenstein”
  1. Genki Jason says:

    It has been a while since I read this but I thought it was a really great novel. I love the framework which starts the action off mid-way through in the Antarctica before taking us back to the beginning. The way she used the science of the day is inspiring and truly ground breaking.

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