Anime: Hyouka: Motsubeki Mono wa

The OVA  which translates to Hyouka: You can’t escape. It’s your usual fanservice episode, with the cast at the pool (naturally, where else would they go in summer?).

Hyouka OVA

If you know me well, or read enough of my reviews. Then you know that I wouldn’t like this episode. I understand how fanservice boosts audience numbers and sales, I wish it didn’t but it seems to be a fact of life. I watched the OVA  for completion sake. It’s touted as episode 11.5 and sits within the timeline. Oreki is slightly out of character, but I’m going to attribute that to his sister being back home and all. The mystery in this episode isn’t anything to shout about. Simple, clear-cut and to the point.

I suppose, it can be considered a decent OVA. Nothing special or out of the ordinary. But nothing to really detest either. Average it is then.

For the review I wrote on the series click HERE!

2 Responses to “Anime: Hyouka: Motsubeki Mono wa”
  1. Son Gohan says:

    Actually Oreki was depressed after the outcome of the Movie arc. This episode shows how he became cheerful again (well, “cheerful” for Oreki’s standards at least).
    I already watched the epsiode in low quality when it came out on the web but rewatching it in DVD quality was a feast for the eyes!

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