Anime: Detroit Metal City: Birth of the Metal Devil

I thoroughly enjoyed Detroit Metal City and this special serves as a summary for said series. It gives a glimpse of life in a death metal band. It’s funny (hilarious) and it’s short. Only 13 minutes long.


I watched this only recently. About a year or more after I watched the main series. I understand that a lot of what happens in this special occurs in the series as well. So I guess there’s not much point watching this immediately after or before the main series. But as a way to reminisce about Detroit Metal City, it does its job.

Oh, which reminds me. There’s a live action movie for this out. I have my reservations about live action adaptations of anime, but curiosity always gets the better of me. So before I dive into the movie, let me know what to expect if you’ve already watched it and whether it’s worth the dive.

And on that note, this review finishes up the all the anime that I watched last year. Onward to the 50 anime challenge!


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