Book: The Malaysian Book of the Undead

Finally we arrive at the last book I read at the end of last year. Just a few hours shy of midnight, I managed to reach the last page of this informative but short read.

The malaysian book of the undead


This book by Danny Lim strikes close to home (or in this case across the causeway). I grew up hearing tales or being freaked out by many of the ghosts (or in the local Malay language – Hantu). After reading Yokai Attack, I was especially keen to try this book out.

It’s an informative read. Not as interesting or colourful or for that matter fun as Yokai Attack, but it does provide decent explanations to some of the different Hantus that go bump in the night in this area of the world. The funniest of the book was the foreword and I picked out a couple of choice excerpts.

We in Malaysia are blessed with many things. Aside from the qualities usually celebrated in out tourism brochures, we are also blessed with many ghosts.

Danny is trained to deal with scary beings because he often covers the proceedings of Malaysian political parties

It’s not quite encyclopedic in it’s entries, some Hantu’s just get a one sentence description. There are not enough pictures, and for that matter, the pictures are far from accurate. All in all it’s an okay read if you’re interested in the ghosts that haunt Malaysia (and to some extent Singapore). At the same time, I’m sure google is an equally good source of information.

Okay, I’ll admit it. This was a sad book to read to end of the year. It wasn’t satisfying. There was some pieces of information that I gleamed from it, but taking the book as a whole, it’s not really worth the read. The pictures were good though (in an artistic kind of way).


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