Book: The Castle of Crossed Destinies

Nothing ever prepares me for Italo Calvino. The breadth of his imagination, to me, is limitless. I absolutely adore him. At some time, I’m sure I’ll write a post dedicated to his life, his works and his legacy. But for now, let me talk about another of his books – The castle of crossed destinies. … Continue reading

Book: Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror is probably the most elusive book Of Gregory Maguire. I had such a hard time finding it in the library. As the title suggests, this time he retells the tale of Snow White and the seven dwarfs, with a dose of The Borgia. Who are they you ask? My question exactly. I had … Continue reading

Anime: Another

Disappointment is the word for this anime. It was beautiful, tragic, haunting, horrific. It’s a mix of final destination, battle royale and Shiki. And may I point out that I enjoyed Shiki more.   What ruined this anime for me was the ending. The first episode was intriguing, there was plenty of mystery and the … Continue reading

Book: Literary Britain and Ireland

Have I mentioned I love to travel?   And of course you already know that I love reading, so really what book could be better? Reading a book is one of the great joys of life. It involves entering the world of an author’s imagination and spending time with them while they recount their tale … Continue reading

Originally posted on Genkinahito:
HAL                                   Japanese Title: ハル Romaji: Haru Release Date: June 08th, 2013 Running Time: 125 mins. Director: Ryōtarō Makihara Writer: Izumi Kizara (Screenplay), Starring: Yōko Hikasa, Yoshimasa Hosoya Ah, another trailer for an anime film. Wait! This one is based on…

Book: Metamorphosis and other stories

Franz Kafka’s metamorphosis are words I have often heard. Considered one of the most influential authors of the 20th century, I can finally understand why. His writing is powerful.   This collection contains many of his short stories as well as some of his longer work like The Stoker, Metamorphosis and In the Penal Colony. … Continue reading

Anime: Ani*Kuri 15

Happy Valentine’s Day! Due to work, I spent the entire day making chocolates for the kiddies to sell. Sigh, I never want to see, taste or smell chocolate again. But that’s besides the point, I feel like I should be reviewing of talking about romance of something related to love, but Ani*Kuri 15 isn’t really … Continue reading

Book: Twilight

What can I say about Twilight that hasn’t already been said? Nothing really. I’m just surprised that I actually finished the book. As a friend of mine said when I told her I was reading the book: just consider it bad fanfiction, so bad that it’s good. Having read and written my fair share of … Continue reading

Book: Mockingjay

I read the last two books of the Hunger Games series in quick succession. As soon as I had put down Catching Fire, Mockingjay was already in my hands. I devoured it. Catching Fire had painted a world that I couldn’t let go of, characters that I cared too much for. Then came Mockingjay. Devastating. … Continue reading

Anime: Redline

I think this year is going to be one of anime movies for me. Easy to watch as they only span an hour or two. Very different from series. Animation quality is usually higher, although I guess depth of characters and stories are sometimes compromised. Anyway, Redline, the first anime on my 50 anime challenge … Continue reading