Book: The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes has been seeing a revival of late. From the movies to the (AMAZING) BBC series and the newest adaptation by the Americans. There have been so many modern interpretations of what Sherlock was like. So I jumped at the chance to purchase this book to add to my (small and sad) collection of Sherlock Holmes.

casebook of sherlock holmes

And yes I bought the classic green and white penguin crime book. I’m awfully pleased with the book.


It’s a collection of short stories with the author of the tale usually Watson while at times Sherlock takes a stab at it as well. It spans a good number of years, including his retirement and it’s just a lovely collection that showcases why Sherlock continues to be so popular.

I cannot say that I know my crime fiction well, but Sherlock is a character that I’ve grown up with. I found my parents’ copy of ‘Valley of fear’ and I have never looked back since. My mum is a huge crime/thriller genre reader. It’s really all she reads and I’ve sampled a few of her books and as much as they do capture, I must admit I prefer my epic fantasies.

Having recently come back to Sherlock, I realized that I probably haven’t read all the books in the series. I need to go forth and search for them. If just to compare to the TV adaptations that I have been watching. Surprisingly, Sherlock did get a mention or two in Hyouka. Their way of presenting and solving the mysteries were very Sherlock-esque. The proper term is Holmesian deduction, which includes both deductive and abductive reasoning. I love the logical aspect and the way Sherlock forms theories and hypotheses. Then through the simple process of elimination arrives at the solution. It’s quite brilliant I suppose. And that’s probably why the world is fascinated with him. Of course the fact that he’s really eccentric adds to the appeal.

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