Anime: Redline

I think this year is going to be one of anime movies for me. Easy to watch as they only span an hour or two. Very different from series. Animation quality is usually higher, although I guess depth of characters and stories are sometimes compromised. Anyway, Redline, the first anime on my 50 anime challenge list. One down, 49 more to go!



It looks amazing, although to be honest the story just doesn’t appeal to me. I quite liked the friendship angel which more of a side story sadly. Still, as a movie I guess it was pretty good. Lots of action with fluid animation and I love the style of the show. Very futuristic yet really zany and out of this world with colours and camera angles and of course the multitudes of alien types.

How to describe? Set in the future, somewhere face illegal racing biggest race is upon us. We are introduced to JP who is a good driver although his friends are a little suspect. He manages to scrape through into Redline and it’s like a dream come true. Add to that the female driver Sonoshee whom he has a history with and you get an idea of where this is going. It’s fast paced, it’s full of action and loud explosions. There’s a little bit of nudity and heavy betting. I guess everything that you’d expect at an illegal race. It’s really quite exciting, and the pacing of the movie is really good.

The story however isn’t anything to shout about. Without giving anything away, I’d say it’s unoriginal and quite predictable. And for me, where stories are important, it just sort of disappoints. Or perhaps I’m just not into racing.


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