Book: Mockingjay

I read the last two books of the Hunger Games series in quick succession. As soon as I had put down Catching Fire, Mockingjay was already in my hands. I devoured it. Catching Fire had painted a world that I couldn’t let go of, characters that I cared too much for. Then came Mockingjay.


Devastating. The emotional meltdown that I experienced was unexpected. I admit, I’m quite the crier. Many shows make me shed tears and so have many books. Mockingjay made me put the book down and sob uncontrollably into a pillow. I had to blow my nose, wash my face and try my darnest not to cry myself to sleep. I don’t know if that counts as a spoiler, but nothing has ever hit me so hard and brought me so much despair. I think it’s a testimony to Suzanne Collins ability to write.

Let’s not overrate the book. Honestly it’s not as good as the first two books. The story is starting to slip, many things don’t make sense, the characters are hitting new lows on how stereotyped they can become. Oh, but putting all that aside. Peeta the once sweet and lovable boy is so tortured that it really hurts. And Finnick, poor handsome Finnick. His backstory, his pain, his love all just come together to paint a picture of an angel’s fall from grace. The pity, the sorrow and the heartache.

Okay, perhaps I’m too focused on my two favourite characters. Let’s try talking about Katniss and her spiral into major depression. I think by this time you realize that nothing happy happens in this book. NOTHING. Not even an ounce of happiness. It’s just doom and gloom. It’s no wonder I almost cried my eyes out. It’s not just all the pain though, I mean the world is at war, I can expect a good deal of death and suffering. It’s just that, the grand scheme was falling apart. The plots were not thickening, they were as plain as day. It doesn’t sit well with me.

I guess, in the end I cried not just because of the characters. I cried because of the frustration that what could have been an amazing epic trilogy was reduced to some sad love story with characters that were in no way realistic. The concept and the idea of the hunger games is brilliant. The plot is pretty decent. The characters (especially the supporting ones) were worthy of the audience’s love and respect. Still, something is wrong. I don’t if I should put blame on the audience this book was targeted at. Perhaps if it were written for adult readers (rather than young adult), things would have turned out better.

I can’t place my finger on what is wrong with the series. Maybe young adult fiction is not my cup to tea. I enjoyed the trilogy immensely, but after putting the books down and reflecting, I start to realize all the flaws or the chinks in the armour. What does that say of the book? I honestly don’t know.

I know the hunger games has a huge following, so out curiosity, what did you think of the books?

3 Responses to “Book: Mockingjay”
  1. Vasiliki says:

    The last book had the same effect on me too, i cried so much i had to put the book down and give myself time to sob it all out. But i did enjoy the book and it is one of my favorite book series. My friend however who also read the trilogy felt the same as you.

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