Anime: Ani*Kuri 15

Happy Valentine’s Day! Due to work, I spent the entire day making chocolates for the kiddies to sell. Sigh, I never want to see, taste or smell chocolate again. But that’s besides the point, I feel like I should be reviewing of talking about romance of something related to love, but Ani*Kuri 15 isn’t really romantic in any way.


It is however a lovely compilation of 15 one minute shorts which showcase a wide variety of talents from the animation scene. Ani (Animation) Kuri (Creators) is just wonderful if you want to see what different people can do in just one minute. From famous directors like Makoto Shinkai whose short was my personal favourite to recently deceased Satoshi Kon. The genres of these shorts vary and depend heavily on the creativity of each director or designer.

We get things like an alien invasion, an animator animating a clip, a small romance between boy and girl, heartache, slice of life, really, just everything under the sun. It’s worth the 15 minutes, and the variety of styles and techniques is just mind-blowing. I think it’s an homage to animation and everything about it.

For people just starting out with anime, this gives you a glimpse into the many different facets of anime, Hopefully it’ll get you interested in something that you haven’t seen before. But for old timers, it’s really enjoyable being able to see the many different forms of anime that you may or may not have watched. It’s eye-opening as well as inspiring. It makes you realize that there’s so much out there that you haven’t seen and that you might fall in love with. And isn’t that one of the great things about anime?

On a side note, I’m having problems logging into MAL, which makes me really sad. I hope they fix it soon. Haven’t been able to update my anime list in AGES!

3 Responses to “Anime: Ani*Kuri 15”
  1. Genki Jason says:

    I write about anime a lot but this one passed me by. It looks interesting and any chance to see the likes of Satoshi Kon and Makoto Shinkai animating is worth it! I could actually read the Kanji and Kana on the poster as well.

    • everworld says:

      It’s really short! And i think a lot of people missed it because they were shown over 3 seasons. So just 5 minutes per season is not something many will take note of. But yes, go watch!

  2. Genki Jason says:

    Oh yeah, Happy Valentine’s Day!

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