I know I haven’t been into the anime scene as much as I would like to. But this, this looks amazing! I evidently need to be on the lookout for more anime movies!


HAL                                  Hal Film Poster

Japanese Title: ハル

Romaji: Haru

Release Date: June 08th, 2013

Running Time: 125 mins.

Director: Ryōtarō Makihara

Writer: Izumi Kizara (Screenplay),

Starring: Yōko Hikasa, Yoshimasa Hosoya

Ah, another trailer for an anime film. Wait! This one is based on an original screenplay.

This near-future romance is called Hal and it sounds like a cross between Time of EveHal Key Imageand the supernatural romance Ghost. I love the former but I have not seen the latter in a long time so I cannot comment. Anyway, this mixture of soul trading and androids is full of names that are new to me as far as the staff goes but I am very familiar with the cast. Yōko Hikasa takes the lead alongside Yoshimasa Hosoya. I have heard her voice Maya in Occult Academy and…

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