Anime: Another

Disappointment is the word for this anime. It was beautiful, tragic, haunting, horrific. It’s a mix of final destination, battle royale and Shiki. And may I point out that I enjoyed Shiki more.



What ruined this anime for me was the ending. The first episode was intriguing, there was plenty of mystery and the supernatural. The anime is beautiful to watch. The story progresses well, each reveal is handled carefully and slowly. It keeps the audience interested in what is happening. It may be a tad slow-moving at times, but it’s a pretty short anime. The characters are too many and there’s too little time to really get to know them. A lot is happening constantly and there’s a wealth of raw emotions that could have been exploited.

I’d caution here that there are spoliers ahead, as I see no way of explaining myself except through the use of specific events and scenes from the anime.

For example, the anime plays a lot on whether Misaki is a ghost or not. That was interesting for as long as that mystery remained unsolved. However, when the deaths started occurring and everyone knew for sure that she was a real girl, I wish that instead of exploring that isolation experienced by Misaki and Kouichi, they could have looked into the psychology of the class. How each death was affecting them. What precautions were they taking? Their panic or anxiety or depression that they may be feeling. Instead all these pent-up emotions were left to fester under indifferent faces only to appear for mere seconds at the end. I don’t deny that the ending is plausible. Tension was running pretty high and they did add a crazy murderer to the mix. Still, the bloodshed was slightly excessive at the end. Needless people died and it just felt like a rushed ending. Considering that this happens yearly, I would have thought that something more permanent might be done. Sooner.

I’m not sure if Another would have benefited from being a 24 episode season instead. I like how the mystery portion played out. I think it was well done, but the way they found out who was the extra person was just crude and doesn’t fit with the rest of the anime. Add to that, the fact that I’m not a blood and gore person. I can take horror or the supernatural, but blood and gore is just too much for me to handle. So you can see why the ending was ruined for me.

So I would say that Shiki is probably a better alternative if you’re looking for something similar. It has a better plot that actually lasts through the end of the anime. But that’s just me. What say you?


9 Responses to “Anime: Another”
  1. Genki Jason says:

    I actually liked the ending of this anime a lot and its exploration of the isolation of Mei and Kouichi, the way they were ostracised and built their own little world. I felt that the final two episodes were a good pay-off and while I agree that more could have been spent on showing the emotions of individual classmates, the balance is juuust about right for hitting a 12 episode anime.

  2. ninetybeats says:

    Shiki was next level bloodshed compared to another haha:p
    The soundtrack of Another was pretty haunting(Shiki had a really good one too).
    But the opening song from Another was just beyond horrible and didn’t set the right mode for my taste.

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