Book: Revenge of the Mooncake Vixen

I admit, I am very superficial. But take a look at this cover and tell me you wouldn’t have picked it up.

revenge of the mooncake vixen

Even the title is interesting!

I couldn’t help it and when I read the synopsis it sounded pretty interesting. Chinese American twins, typical tyrannical grandmother. What could go wrong? I thought I had picked up a keeper. The first few chapters had me in stitches and loving ever moment of it. But eventually that soft of fizzled out, it became less funny and way too raunchy for my taste. I get that one of twins is a complete slut, but do we really need to read through her many escapades. I would have liked the book a bit more, if it had less sex. Also, some of the reinventing of Chinese/Buddhist folktales were really weird. Really weird in a ‘I did not understand that at all’ kind of way.

Still, I liked most of the parts with regards to the grandmother. It’s super typical Chinese grandmother stories. All the strange antics and sayings that they spout are spot on and really funny on hindsight.

I’m a bit torn with the book I guess. I enjoyed it, just not completely. I can’t recommend a book halfheartedly can I? Just read the first section and skip the rest I suppose? Are you allowed to do that? I don’t know. Let me know what you think! I can’t make up my mind with this book.


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