Anime: Prince of Tennis: Eikokushiki Teikyuu Shiro Kessen!

There’s just something about Prince of Tennis that keeps me coming back for more. Maybe it’s all the pretty boys, maybe it’s just insane moves, or maybe it’s the amount of crack that each season or movie serves up.

Prince of Tennis Movie


Seriously. At this point of time, one shouldn’t really take the plot seriously. A street tennis gang. Why not? Moves which blow players away (literally). Bring it on. Violence in tennis being frowned upon when many of the main characters use pretty violent moves too. Totally fine.

What I love about Prince of Tennis is how over the top it is. And the movies really showcase this in the most amazing ways. The premise is pretty decent, but the entire setting and the backstory is just so strange. The castle where most of the matches take place, really deserves special mention. Ingenious the numerous ways one can play tennis. On sand, with moving court lines, with special nets etc. The creativity that goes into thinking up such courts deserves some credit. But it’s the humour that really gets me. We’ve seen these boys through one really long season, coupled with the nationals arc and the current U-17 camp arc. You could say we’ve seen it all, but it’s only in the movies where you see their crazy sides come out to play.

Favourite parts in the movie (without giving too much away) was Fuji being prince charming and arriving on a white horse, as well as the portions with Higa Chuu. They are hilarious and the running joke of them still trying to find their way home never gets old.

I guess, this movie can only be appreciated by fans. People who aren’t familiar with the series would probably just roll their eyes and wonder what on earth is going on. There are plenty of inside jokes and this movie is really one that panders to the fans. Fans on crack that is, because we are one really crazy bunch after all.


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