Book: Classics for Pleasure

classics for pleasure

Love letters. That’s what each entry about each author feels like. Love letters.

The breadth and depth of knowledge that Michael Dirda has on each author is astounding. It’s not just the authors he is acquainted with. It’s their works. The beauty of their writings, the reason why they have captured generations. Not only does he give us glimpses of their works, he is able to recommend which versions to read, which of their writings to try first. It’s a treasure trove for book lovers. Even more so for readers who want to try out some classics.

He will point you in the right directions and with just a few words, cause you to want to find that book and read it for yourself.

I loved reading this homage to classics and I can’t wait to own a copy of it. More than that, I’ve been introduced to a whole slew of authors that I now want to read. As a girl who really appreciates the classics, this has been the perfect find. It’s also a wonderful reminder that classics aren’t boring or stuffy. There is a very simple reason why they have continued to be popular so many years after their release. Some may have been groundbreaking, forming new genres and breathing new life into the world of books. But more importantly, they have ignited the imaginations of many readers before us. They have inspired generations and that is why they are classics. That is why they should be read, not just in literature classes but for pleasure they bring.

I admit that I started reading classics from a pretty young age and I have never looked back. I love them, I love how timeless they are. Even as I read “newer” books, I’m also looking for those that can withstand the ages and that I would want my children or grandchildren to read. For me that is the mark of a good book.


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