Book: Marcovaldo



I thought that this book would be like Into the War by Italo Calvino as well, but how wrong I was. I enjoyed this collection of short stories immensely. Although set in the real world, it’s still retains all the fantastical elements that Calvino is just a master of. These twenty stories are sorted into season, and they demonstrate such a characteristic view of peasant life. it’s just so brilliant and witty. I loved how it made me laugh and it was ridiculous, yet believable and altogether hilarious.

Every book I’ve read by Calvino has brought something new to the table and he’s definitely one of the most interesting authors I have ever met and he’s enjoyable to read. It’s just the use of language paired with a boundless imagination. I cannot say this enough, everyone should give Calvino a try. He surprises, he amazes and it’s a world of wonderment that you step into with his books.

At some point in the near future, I hope to add him to my shelf. I just wish there was a lovely box set of his works. They seem rather scattered between Vintage publishing and Penguin. I’m a sucker for box set collections, which is why I’m still holding out. The Vintage titles look really pretty, but they don’t seem to have my favourite Cosmicomics. Should I go ahead and buy them the nonetheless? How do you guys choose the books you buy?


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