Anime: Moyashimon Returns

Yes I’ve raved about the first season. It was brilliant after all. The second much-anticipated season however, was equally brilliant in my opinion. I know that a lot of fans were disappointed. Sure it wasn’t as funny, nor was it original anymore. It became more like a drama. But honestly, that doesn’t make it any less amazing than the first.

Moyashimon Returns


There was a definite improvement in the opening and closing. I loved the songs that they used and the extra screen time the microbes received. As for the actual plot and characters. It did get a lot more complicated, but I think it also showed us how people change just from interacting with other people.

The first season was really just an introduction to Sawaki, his ability and his new friends and life at university. This seasons looks deeper into the relationship forming between these group of friends. It also takes a harder look at each of their characters. What makes them who they are. Why they react in certain ways, how their past influences their present. It’s characterization that is realistic and beautiful to watch. I think a lot of people missed that. We were all looking forward to laughing at the strange and comic situations the characters got into, and when we didn’t get that, it was disappointing. But you know what, I still think Moyashimon Returns was amazing. I loved the parts of France they brought us to, I loved the story and most of all I fell in love with the variety of characters that they portrayed.

Moyashimon Returns doesn’t just teach us about fermentation pr alcohol. Sure that does make up a huge chunk of its content, but it also makes us realize that different people struggle with different things. That we react in different ways to the same situation. And it really highlights the importance of friendship. Not in the shounen fighting way, but in a more mature and level-headed manner. The laughs that we get out of it, is just a bonus.

On a side note, I have been really busy with work, which might explain the lack of posts. But I’m back and will have a slew of posts this week before April begins. I have been keeping up with all the reading and watching despite my busy schedule.


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